art, death, cake, and comfort.

grief cake is presented in memory of Josh Hill.
July 5, 1983 – September 6, 2022

Josh Hill

griefcake is


a typical bereavement circle.

It is an art making session with fellow grievers.

Everyone attending has a story of loss, but not all may feel comfortable sharing it and not all may feel able to hold another grievers story. While art making offers therapeutic benefits, griefcake is not therapy.

We are not trained counsellors, therapists, social workers or peer leaders, we are artists who have experienced loss.

It is very important that everyone involved in griefcake feel welcome and safe. This safety can only be promised if we respect what griefcake is NOT and that there are elements of grief and loss that we cannot tend to within this activity.

If you are grieving, you are welcome here.

You might be grieving the loss of a loved one…a child, a spouse, a parent, friend or sibling. You might be experiencing anticipatory grief, the grieving that happens in expectation of a loved ones death, as with chronic illness. You might be struggling with the loss of a pet.
Your loss could be fresh and raw…or have cycled through many turns. Your experience of grief, regardless of the cause, is yours to acknowledge, embrace, and feel.
Grief doesn’t recognize our labels, only that we loved.


Griefcake will take place once a month from May to October.

You are welcome to take more than one session but new participants will be prioritized for each subsequent session.


Georgian Bay School of the Arts:
Enter through the main doors. You will see me (Allison) with a griefcake lanyard on. I will direct you to our classroom space where your instructor will be waiting.


*registration required

If you feel like you belong here, you do.